"...It is a very intimate affair to have someone
come into your home and take over your kitchen for
the evening. Laszlo is a kind, sophisticated and
professional person that is welcoming and
delightful to have around.
He adds to our home and creates an ambiance of
old world style and grace. I am always amazed at
how stealthily he comes and goes as if no great
works have occurred in our kitchen and leaves it
gloriously glistening..."
Ebullient mix of modernism & grandma`s cookin...providing the ultimate
private gourmet dining experience for luxury homes, yachts & private jets...

  • Bespoke, loyal, completely unique
  • Menu planning, shopping, cooking, clean-up (customized menus, food
    pictures and references given by appointment only)

...but what's the hocus-pocus in here?

  • Hygiene freak immaculate, intimate kitchen work in doctor's lab coat ~
    high hygiene levels
  • Basic, "clean" looking healthy & fantastic dishes
  • Specializing in sous-vide cooking, new & old cooking techniques
  • Best ingredients, high prices
  • HNW experience with excellent USA references - flexible & used to last
    minute changes
  •
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